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"We deliver beyond expectation"

Impala Business Concepts is one of the most Up-to-date training companies in South Africa.

We provide In-houses, Conferences, Summits and workshops.

We are aware that Employee development and improving processes is a competitive advantage and strategic essential requirement in today’s difficult economic times, for that reason we assist organizations by helping them to make the most of their most vital resource: EMPLOYEES!

Our wide range of courses attracts a worldwide clientele thus ensuring important networking opportunities.

We pride ourselves in our efficient, highly motivated and innovative personnel and the excellent services we provide for our clients! We have a network of exceptional and professional facilitators, experts, speakers and innovators who are irrevocably dedicated to the success and development of your organization!

Standing Meeting


Weekly excluding weekend

Mon - Thu: 8am - 4:30pm
Fri: 8am - 3pm
Sat: 8am-12pm Accounts team only
Sun: Closed

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Trainings conducted at a venue outside your office

These are trainings that are hosted at a venue picked by Impala business concepts marketing team, Public workshops normally have 1 lead trainer & conferences normally have more than 3 trainers (Facilitator) conducting the training. these are suitable for clients that would like a breath of fresh air out of their office and get equipped with all the necessary skills at a venue carefully picked by us!!



Work from the comfort of your space

Due to COVID19, Impala Business Concepts Introduced Virtual Trainings. These trainings are conducted virtually using Zoom Conferencing, Skype & Microsoft Teams. these trainings are suitable for clients that don't have the time to step out of the office. We connect them to a live ongoing training for them to join in and get trained in the comfort of their space.



These are trainings done at your premises

for large teams from the same company this is the best option for you. for In-house trainings we at Impala business concepts send a trainer and a coordinator to your premises and have them conduct the training according to your needs. with this option, our clients have the right to request for any training and dates that they would like the training to be done on. this saves money in terms of accommodation and travel arrangements for your staff.



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