"We deliver beyond the rest"

Impala Business Concepts is a business research, business information and business training company producing strategic events and tailored corporate trainings. The incorporation of leading edge technologies and current global business trends makes us the preferred choice for corporate enlightenment, growth and profit for both our local and international clients.

Based in Johannesburg, the commercial nerve centre of Africa, Impala Business Concepts was founded in 2013. Our service and product offering include: conferences, corporate sponsorship and hospitality, exhibitions and tailored corporate trainings including Virtual Trainings. As a Proudly South African company, Impala Business Concepts is committed to an integrated Affirmative Action Policy.

Because Africa's need for strategic business information has become more real than apparent, we are dedicated to the "African Rebirth" and the "New Partnership for Africa's Development" initiative. We aim to provide creative business solutions for local and international enterprises through the promotion of global opportunities for our clients to profit from, through interaction and learning.